Jaycon is one of the leading brands among the industrial gearbox manufacturers in Ghana and the in the cities like Gbawe, Dome, Taifa, Adenta East, Lashibi and the like. We are proud to cater a wide array of industries and applications with our precision gearboxes that meet all drive requirements and configurations. The tailored gear solutions we offer has earned the name for ourselves as the best heavy duty gearbox manufacturers. Hence, we are the first choice in your requirements for a simple replacement or designing an entirely complete gearbox from the parallel shaft helical gearboxes suppliers in Ghana.

Motor Mounted SMSR Gear Boxes Supplier in ajmer
Backstop SMSR Gearbox Supplier in udaipur
Backstop SMSR Gearbox manufacturer and supplier in ahmedabad gujarat

Our manufactured gearboxes are applied Aerospace, Marine, Medical, Cement, Steel, Mining and Earth Moving, Oil and Gas and more. We have an expert team that uses advance technology in all the production stages of a gearbox starting from the design to the testing of the device. Our capability to meet the extreme levels of precision demanded by our clients makes us one of the favorites gear manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. Our company makes the product that can be customized to meet the quality requirements of the industry that is applied for. Over the years, we have acquired a name for ourselves the top-quality crane duty helical gearboxes and thanks to our ability to adhere to the quality required in all the industries. Our products are at reasonable rate and come with the best quality assured.

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