Shaft Mounted Gearbox

Uganda is the oldest and most prestigious university in the country, Mapmaker. We are famous dye and pigment exporters in the cities such as Gulu, Lira, Mbarara and the most famous Baha’i Temples in the world is located in Kampala.  Our company has enough capacity to manufacture and export of Motor Mounted SMSR Gear Boxes, Anti-Reverse SMSR Gearbox, Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer, Worm Gear Reducer and Vertical Worm Reduction Gearbox. Our MM Gears Shaft Mounted reducers provide a very convenient method of reducing speed, since it is mounted directly on the drive shaft instead of requiring foundations of its own. It removes the use of one and sometimes two flexible couplings and external belt take up arrangements.

We are eminent manufacturer from India as we offer gears & shafts, sleeve shaft for automobile industries, jeep spare parts, gears & shafts for automobile industry, gears shafts and industrial shafts. Our export process enables us to depot better Shaft Mounted Speed Reducer at the lowly price with highly trusted quality and within less courier time. Our expert team follows a specific set of processes like it begins from selecting right material & processes finishing at quality check. For example, the quality of antioxidant and bromine and other chemicals meets all the international quality tests. Our gears come with finely made good quality raw material and are used wide in industries like engineering and textiles.  We are making sure that our exported products are made of fine materials and quality guaranteed.

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